Transcription Services for Governments

We'll help you empower staff to focus on higher priority projects, build positive constituent perceptions, and ensure accurate public records.

Save Hours of Staff Time

For every 1 hour of meeting time, it takes your staff an average of 4 hours to create the meeting minutes. Think about how many meetings your government holds each month and how long each meeting lasts. Now, multiply that 4! Creating the minutes for all of those meetings is taking up a lot of time that your staff could be working on other city business.

Ensure Complete and Accurate Public Records

Your public meetings are required by law to be documented in a particular way. If your minutes do not comply with State laws or accurately reflect everything that was said at your meetings, you could be out of compliance. Inaccurate minutes results in decreased trust by the public and could lead to legal issues.

Improve Public Perceptions

Case Study: A city hired us to transcribe their public meetings because the clerk was accused of misquoting a councilor in the minutes. Hiring Ad Astra Docs as an impartial third party to document everything that was said resulted in the public gaining trust in their government and future issues were prevented.

What You Can Expect From Us

A dedicated account manager who will work with directly your staff

A complete set of meeting minutes, ready to be adopted in the public record

Formatted to your specifications with logos, headers, footers, etcetera

Documents that are compatible with your city's software

What Others are Saying

"I think you have done a fantastic job on this and will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you for all your help."

Audrey Oliverius, former Mayor, City of Denison, Kansas