Specialized Transcription Services

for Governments and Qualitative Research

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For Researchers

Focus more on conducting your interviews, focus groups and surveys. Let us spend time making the responses easier for you to index, code and analyze.

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For Governments

Save hours of staff time, increase transparency to improve public perception, and ensure complete and accurate public records.

Our Mission

Ad Astra Docs is committed to fulfilling the unique needs of our clients, empowering them to focus on serving their communities. We achieve this goal by leveraging the expertise and skills of our professional team to provide fully customized transcription and documentation services.

What Others Are Saying

"Thanks for the care that you and your employees are putting into the transcripts—from catching periodically dim audio to formatting to emphasizing with italics or notes in brackets respondent vocal emphasis, sarcasm, etc."

Jessica Vasquez-Tokos - Associate Professor, Sociology Department, University of Oregon